Vintage Launch Limited Edition VMX Series Electric Guitars

Vintage Launch Limited Edition VMX Series Electric Guitars

As a tribute to their highly successful Metal Axxe™ Series introduced in 2003 which ran in the company catalogue for over 10 years, Vintage® have launched the new Limited Edition VMX Series™ featuring three metal-themed solid bodied electric guitars.

With menacing, all-over blackest of black satin finishes, black hardware, distinctive lines and designs that speak for themselves, all three new models in the Vintage VMX Series, incorporate quality tonewoods and premium hardware to produce killer metal guitars, specifically designed to handle every genre of metal, from heavy to thrash, to death metal and beyond.

A limited run of 150 of each V100VMX, VR2000VMX Raider™ and VW5000VMX WARP™guitars will be available worldwide with hardware that includes, time-tested Wilkinson® double and single coil pickups, machine heads and Floyd Rose® Vibrato systems found on the WARP and Raider models.

Vintage V100VMX

With its classic single cutaway, set-neck design, the V100VMX is offset with matching cream body bindings, headstock binding and 22 fret bound rosewood fingerboard, inlaid with crown position markers and XX motif spanning the 12th fret.

For a full frequency response and a powerful meaty output that’s perfect for low-end palm-muted chugging and monster soaring lead lines with endless sustain, the V100VMX is loaded with a pair of black Wilkinson WMSH open-coil double coils with black surrounds that complement the Wilkinson T.O.M. bridge, tailpiece and machine heads.

While both, the new Vintage VMX Series Raider and WARP guitars also feature Wilkinson WMSH open-coil double coil pickups, both models add black Floyd Rose FRTS 2000 Special Double Locking Vibrato systems and locking nuts to the already-cool, black satin finish and black hardware.

Vintage VR2000VMX Raider

For additional sparkly cleans, the Raider includes an additional Wilkinson WVS single coil pickup in the middle position which, along with the cream/black double coils and 3-ply scratchplate complement the gorgeous black satin body with chamfered body belly contours.

Deep cutaways allow access to the full length of the maple bolt-on neck and 24 fret, double octave rosewood fingerboard with inverted ‘sail fin’ position markers and, like the WARP retain the same pointy headstock featured in the original Vintage Metal Axxe Series.

Vintage VW5000VMX WARP

The WARP itself, with an aggressive sharp angled body design, generous lower cutaway, set-neck, super-fast, all-access 24fret double octave rosewood fingerboard with XX motif, evokes all the essence of metal, with the ability to again, produce heavy grooves and seriously saturated metal tones, while the Floyd Rose Vibrato offers precision return to pitch and a solid platform for hard-hitting right-hand attack.

Vintage V100VMX £499 rrp
Vintage VR2000VMX Raider £549 rrp
Vintage VW5000VMX WARP £529 rrp

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Vintage Guitars are distributed worldwide exclusively by JHS.

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