‘Thanks to those who helped’ – Azhan Rani recounts the moments involved in a motorcycle accident

‘Thanks to those who helped’ – Azhan Rani recounts the moments involved in a motorcycle accident

ACTOR Azhan Rani, 45, today narrated the moment of the accident that happened to him in Jalan Templer, Rawang, Selangor, on 17 January.

In an update on his Instagram account, the Tanjung Karang-born said the incident happened at about 12.30pm when he was on his way to the capital.

Through the transmission, Azhan also uploaded two pictures believed to be the driver of the lorry, apart from him who was seen sitting after the accident.

As a result of the accident, doctors confirmed his shoulder blade was broken.

However, despite the unfortunate incident, Azhan still expressed his gratitude to the individuals who helped him.

“For bro (brother) Muhammad Firdaus and anyone who helped me on the day of the incident, may Allah bless you. Thank you for your good deeds.

“For two lorry brothers, thank you for successfully stopping the lorry and not hitting me,” he wrote in the entry, on Wednesday.

Commenting further, Azhan added that he also apologized to the two brothers who are believed to have caused the accident because they raised their voices to the teenagers involved.

“Please don’t bring a motorcycle like that again. We are all thankful to God for the opportunity to live.

“Sorry also for the early motorcycle ruined,” he wrote again.

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Azhan, meanwhile, also expressed his gratitude for being blessed with a friend who has always been his backbone.

“These two great people are my backbone to keep standing.

“Then and now, the most lucrative property of the award was born for me. Thank you friends Beto Kusyairy and Tisha Shahar (Beto’s wife), as well as other friends who never stopped saying hello.

“May heaven be waiting for you there later,” he wrote.

Earlier, Beto on his social media account informed that Azhan suffered a broken left shoulder blade, cracked shoulder bone and three ribs, apart from minor injuries as a result of the accident.

-Hasimi Muhamad

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