Erna Elliyana is still interested in singing, but business is more important

Erna Elliyana is still interested in singing, but business is more important

ENTREPRENEUR Erna Elliyana Rosli, 33, who was previously involved in the arts before giving full focus to the business world, admits that her heart is still not closed to return to enliven the field of singing and acting.

However, Erna said, if she has time to be active again, her involvement in the entertainment world is not serious, instead only for special projects.

Erna was previously active in singing after participating in a singing competition and appeared with several singles besides acting.

“I and my husband, Syed Mahadzir Fadaak have been involved in business since 2015. Since then we have been fully committed to what we are doing now. It’s still an interest in singing, just to a degree, I feel like this is what I want.

“Go through challenge after challenge, finally I share my desire to my husband to remain committed to focus in business. Many ask about this in fact. So that’s my answer. I believe in the rules and provisions of Allah SWT.

“If you make a song even after this, it’s just to fulfill the interest. It is not to place hope as before. The same goes for acting, even though some family members are directly involved in the world of entertainment, “he said.

ERNA with her favorite singer, Ziana Zain (left).

Erna said this when met at the Alpha Raya Open House at The Marquee @ Puteh Subang, on Saturday.

It was also graced with performances by Ayu Damit, Datin Alyah and Ziana Zain.

“This open house ceremony is in conjunction with the first anniversary of Kamya Glow which is also supported by Alpha Capital Berhad.

“When watching our first birthday video, I imagined Kamya Glow’s journey. From the beginning until now, apparently a lot has been done in an effort to introduce this brand. I am grateful, satisfied and proud of his accomplishments.

“If you want to be included, Kamya Glow is still ‘training’ in the environmental industry, but we do not compete with existing health and lifestyle products. Instead, our rival is ourselves. We just want the best from time to time. Because I believe, whoever is fast is the one who will progress.

“In fact, the acceptance among users whom we call KamyaLovers is also positive. Every day, there is only feedback received either through telegrams or on social media, ”he said.

In fact, Erna is at the same time optimistic of continuing Kamya Glow’s legacy through several recent projects even though in the early stages of the launch, they faced constraints following the Covid-19 outbreak.

“God willing, in the next few months, we will release it in tablet form and collaborate together in cosmetics and hair care. This effort is done to further strengthen the introduction of this brand to more consumers out there.

“Honestly, I do not deny the risk of removing the brand when the country is facing a pandemic phase is not easy. Whether we like it or not, we have to continue the launch. So other promotional formulas need to be considered.

“We did a lot of strategy through social media with Remy Ishak (former ambassador) at that time and the latest Datin Alyah and several other representatives. I understand when selling products, we cannot rely on online alone. Need to meet with users and so on.

“But that was the challenge at the time. If you don’t study hard, how can you succeed. We learned a lot, what needs to be improved. I also dedicate my appreciation to the ‘team’ of Kamya Glow. Thankfully now everything is getting better, “he added.

Erna and Kamya Glow also received The Brandlaureate-Bumiputera Best Brand Award for the Health And Beauty category through Kamya Glow, last March

source – wilayahku

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