About Us

In the wake of an unprecedented pandemic, we started the Hipz.my portal to zoom our lenses on the happenings of entertainment in Malaysia.  So much has happened with the music industry in our country. The list can be long but we want the music industry to be alive, thus giving birth to Hipz.my

A total shift in the music industry has taken place and we wish to give support, highlight and be the voice for the local musicians in the country to give their beats, grooves and rhythm side of experiences and challenges.

Besides on focusing the usual news entertainment business, our team coupled with journalism and music experiences will bring out the untold story of the local bands till those involved in the show business.

In near future, we plan to allow the musicians and buskers perform digitally using our platform. By doing this, we cherish the mesmerising music and talents from our local music industry. Our style of reporting will be clean, vivid, professional and transparent. The wave of music and sound will reach in different tunes.

Even those food and entertainment outlet who gives a due credit and recognition for our local musicians to perform will also be highlighted in this specially dedicated music news portal.