“My unrequited love” – ​​Shura’s response to Zaki Jinggo’s confession

“My unrequited love” – ​​Shura’s response to Zaki Jinggo’s confession

“My unrequited LOVE guy, how could you tells one Malaysia,” wrote the singer Syura with a joking tone in her Instagram post.

Recently, a video went viral on social media where a man known as Zaki Jinggo from Kuantan, Pahang talked about his romance with singer Syura Badron.

Following that, Syura admitted that she had received the video message from some acquaintances and had watched it.

“At first I was really surprised when I heard the story the man told.

“I’m ready to say in my heart, who is this mamat who suddenly admits to having been in love with me? Don’t even know.

“But after listening to his conversation, I remembered a time ago in 2001 when the song Kasih Tidak Terjamah was whistled, I had a performance in Kuantan.

“At that time, I invited a fan to come on stage to sing with me.

“Perhaps this Abang Zaki is the fan based on the story revealed in the video,” explained Syura who has just finished abstinence after giving birth last March.

Syura added that the man in question is quite well known in Kuantan given his friendly personality and often attends entertainment events especially involving singing performances.

“I have read some comments on the video entry and many people say that Abang Zaki is always seen there.

“Some say he likes to sing and according to the comments of other individuals, they claim that Abang Zaki is ‘unhealthy’.

“So I understand what netizens mean and consider Abang Zaki’s revelation as entertainment because it is funny.

“I also showed this video to my husband, and he laughed at the story.

“Anyway, I apologize to Abang Zaki because my ‘mischief’ when I was 15 years old at that time made him remember until now,” said Syura.

For information, the song Kasih Tidak Terjamah was the debut appearance of Syura on the national music scene in September 2000 which was included in the album Aroma and remains a hit to this day.

source – wilayahku


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