Sultan Nazrin Shah received the Royal Writer’s Award

Sultan Nazrin Shah received the Royal Writer’s Award

KUALA LUMPUR: The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah today received the Perdana Award: Royal Writer from the National Book Award for his book titled ‘Striving For Inclusive Development From Pangkor to A Modern Malaysian State’.

The award was presented by the Pro Chancellor of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Muhamad Zohadie Bardaie in a ceremony held at the UPM Great Hall, Serdang, today.

According to UPM’s statement, the National Book Award organized by the National Book Development Foundation and UPM was held to recognize the excellence of books and publications.

Sultan Nazrin said, His Majesty’s second book published by Oxford University Press in 2019 spread the findings of a study on the achievement of Malaysia’s progress based on a comprehensive analysis of economic and social data over a period of 150 years, starting from the Pangkor Agreement in 1874.

“The research, study and analysis that took almost 20 years involved a very challenging work process to obtain data stored in various places, in the form of non-uniform records; followed later by the process of selecting and filtering and trying to coordinate and standardize information and data collected,” said Sultan Nazrin.

Meanwhile, Sultan Nazrin said, that the diversity of Malaysia from the aspects of religion, culture and language is an asset that must be harmonized through the practice of a culture of inclusion in order to form strong citizens united in diversity.

His Majesty said, all parties need to realize and accept the fact that Malaysia’s success over the years is the result of the efforts of every citizen of this country who are made up of various backgrounds, races, religions and cultures.

“Through the wisdom of the previous leaders who founded the country’s independence, the various elements were successfully combined and merged.

“Then energy and strength were built, organizing movements and demands until the successful establishment of an independent country, the Federation of Malaya in 1957, followed by the establishment of Malaysia in 1963, a country that is peaceful and peaceful, prosperous and prosperous,” said Sultan Nazrin.

His Majesty said, ahead of the celebration of the 65th National Day, all parties should remind themselves not to do things that may cause the wrath of Allah SWT and not to forget the success enjoyed so far.

Sultan Nazrin also said, that the country will overflow with excellence if it does what is good and fights against evil, and is of the opinion that Malaysia will be more glorious if every citizen is given a fair chance to enjoy the benefits of national development.

source – BERNAMA

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