Angelina Jolie visits Pakistan to attract attention, help flood victims

Angelina Jolie visits Pakistan to attract attention, help flood victims

NEW DELHI: Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, visited Pakistan to draw international attention to the floods that hit the country as many countries continue to send aid.

She visited Dadu district in Sindh province on Tuesday, and met flood victims, Pakistani television reported.

More than 33 million people were affected by the flood disaster following heavy monsoon rains since mid-June.

The death toll exceeded 1,550, including hundreds of children, and about 13,000 more were injured.

International aid continues to arrive in Pakistan, with Turkey and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) among the main suppliers of aid goods.

The two countries have sent dozens of aid flights since August as Pakistani authorities struggled to deal with the disaster in Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces.

Since Monday, two relief flights have arrived at Karachi airport from Oman, one from Dubai and the other a UNICEF arranged flight.

Turkiye and the UAE sent the most aid by air in addition to using trains by Turkiye

Six Turkiye “Tren Ikhlas” departed on Tuesday while six more will follow in the coming weeks, according to Pakistani media reports.

Meanwhile, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Tuesday informed that the institution “is working to immediately prepare an aid and recovery package.”

“It is provided to help the population, their livelihoods and infrastructure immediately and for the long term,” according to ADB, adding that more information will be provided when the aid package is finalized.

source – BERNAMA

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