MSN refutes MESF’s claims about the provision of e-sports

MSN refutes MESF’s claims about the provision of e-sports

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Sports Council (MSN) refuted the Malaysian Electronic Sports Federation’s (MESF) claim that it had never received or had the opportunity to use specific budget allocations that had been announced in the budget presentation, in previous years.

MSN in a statement last night informed that MESF’s allegations were also made without understanding that the allocation of the budget for the development of the e-sports sector is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) which distributes it subject to the approval of the prescribed program.

According to the statement, KBS through implementing agencies such as the National Youth and Sports Department (JBSN), MSN, National Sports Institute (ISN) and Impact Integrated are responsible for government allocations and will not give the entire allocation to any sports body without evaluation and justification to the proposed plan.

“In a simple sense, allocations will not be channeled without making sure that the programs and activities implemented will have an impact on the sports participants in line with the planning strategy agreed upon together,” said MSN.

MSN said the approach has been consistent for a long time, such as the annual budget allocation to any sports body that receives government assistance.

At the same time, MSN informed that MESF’s claim of only receiving aid for the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines is also unfounded as the parent body has enjoyed the entire allocation amounting to approximately RM2.7 million for the national team program in 2019, 2020 and 2022.

In the meantime, MSN explained that KBS had launched the 2020-2025 E-Sports Development Strategic Plan in 2019 in an effort to coordinate the direction and implementation of e-sports development that also involved MESF and some video game-based sports activists.

Meanwhile, MSN revealed that MESF had been invited to collaborate with Esports Integrated (ESI) for the organization of sports in addition to law-making efforts and efficient governance, but MESF did not show interest or respond to participate.

“MESF as the governing body of e-sports in Malaysia should take the initiative to develop the sport by establishing cooperation with the stakeholders of the sport, i.e. e-sports publishers who have absolute control rights over a certain type of game, such as initiatives carried out by MSN, JBSN and Impact Integrated before,” according to the statement.

MESF president Datuk Ananth S Nathan, as previously reported by the media, urged all parties to examine and refine the management of the RM13 million allocation for e-sports in Budget 2023.

He said MESF has never received or had the opportunity to use specific budget allocations that had been announced in previous budget presentations.

source – BERNAMA

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