Share Bilal’s photo on social media: “Respect my family’s privacy” – Neelofa

Share Bilal’s photo on social media: “Respect my family’s privacy” – Neelofa

KUALA LUMPUR: Lawyer and actress, Neelofa admitted that she was upset with the actions of a few parties who shared pictures of her son, Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Harris’s face on social media without permission.

He said, such actions are seen as disrespecting her stance which she has refused to share openly through the platform.

“I actually refuse to comment on this matter, I’m tired of sharing, because there are so many stories about Bilal.

“It’s just that, I will take my child out like other people’s children, but if someone sees me with Bilal, I ask you not to reveal it on social media.

“As a mother, I really feel discouraged by the attitude of any party that reveals it directly on social media without permission,” she said the Next To Neelofa press conference in Bukit Jalil.

Neelofa or real name, Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor promised, she will reveal her son’s face when the time is right.

“What I can advise is, after this if anyone sees me with Bilal, don’t share it on social media.

“Respect my family’s privacy and decision based on our wishes,” she said.

Previously, Neelofa revealed that Bilal was supposed to be born on February 10, which coincided with his birth date.

However, she and her husband, Muhammad Harris Ismail, never revealed the exact date when their first child was born.

Meanwhile, the talk program she conducts, Next To Neelofa enters its second season of publication and will start airing on 22 October at 10pm on the Astro Ria channel.

Among the celebrities who will appear in the program are Datin Lisa Surihani, Diana Amir, Puteri Sarah and Ziana Zain.

source – Syahdeen Tahir

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