Cops raid Halloween party in downtown KL, reportedly round up crossdressers

Cops raid Halloween party in downtown KL, reportedly round up crossdressers

Activist says those hauled up taken to Islamic Dept office to be investigated

KUALA LUMPUR – Patrons at a large Halloween celebration at a performance venue along Jalan Sultan here late last night were startled to find the event being raided by police with those who were crossdressing reportedly getting hauled up.

According to messages posted on social media, the incident occurred at RexKL, a cultural and entertainment hub in the former Rex cinema building.

Many of the attendees who were dressed in costumes for the Halloween-themed evening were seen standing helplessly as police officers shouted instructions in the huge hall.

One of those present who uses the handle @wasan_963 posted a video on Twitter, saying that the exit was closed off and the participants were forced to remain inside although many wanted to leave.

Some people proceeded to sit on the floor, waiting for more than an hour and a half.

Entertainer Joanne Kam who was at the event posted a video from the site on Facebook saying that police were looking at some of the people’s identity cards.

She said all the drag queens were brought out, but she was not sure if they were to be detained or made to undergo a urine test.

“I am still here. I am here with two of my friends and we are just waiting,” she said.

The situation calmed soon after.

According to @wasan_963 those who were pulled out and arrested were taken away by police. The remaining crowd applauded in support of them.

In a post past midnight, activist Numan Afifi said they had been taken to the office of the Federal Territories Islamic Department (Jawi) to be investigated by the religious affairs authority.

Police are being contacted for comment on the matter.

In an update posted at 1.16am, Numan added that he and some others had managed to get 20 volunteers to bail out those taken in.

“Looks like all might be released tonight and not remanded until tomorrow. Thank you for your support and solidarity,” he said.

source – The Vibes

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