The Keluarga Malaysia Unity Choir cultivates the spirit of patriotism through the art of music

The Keluarga Malaysia Unity Choir cultivates the spirit of patriotism through the art of music

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Family Unity Choir Competition of the Ministry of National Unity (KPN) Cup at the National Level in 2022 is able to become one of the entities that unite the multi-ethnic community in this country.

The Minister of National Unity, Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique said, the competition with the strategic cooperation of the Language and Library Council (DBP) has placed the involvement of various races as the main condition, in addition to the ministry’s efforts to sow the spirit of love of language and fuel the brotherhood of the Malaysian Family.

“The Ministry very much welcomes the involvement of various parties in the effort to realize the national unity agenda.

“Strategic collaboration between KPN and DBP, for example, will be increased so that efforts to strengthen the spirit of togetherness among Malaysian families can continue to be enhanced,” he said when met by reporters here on Sunday.

In the meantime, Halimah added, the unity appreciation efforts implemented at all levels are also aimed at creating moments of unity for all to appreciate and feel through the art of music.

“The art of music and choirs like this play a role in maintaining and strengthening the identity of a country and its society.

“The art of words and lyrics of the song which is based on the spirit of unity and patriotism can also touch every individual who listens to it, not to mention anyone who also sings along and hums the melody which is quite beautiful and can instill a feeling of love for the country,” she said.

Meanwhile, the competition saw the winner being the band The North Harmony from Sabah who took home a cash prize of RM10,000; National Unity Minister’s Cup; trophy including certificate.

Meanwhile, runner-up and third place respectively were won by the Kenyalang Heritage Art Children Group from Sarawak and the MIA Ensemble Group from the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

Runner-up: Anak Seni Warisan, Sarawak. – IGP photo

Third place: MIA Ensemble, WP. Kuala Lumpur. – KPN photos

For the record, the competition was well received when 130 choirs from all over the country participated and the 16 best representative teams from each state were featured at the national level to win the trophy.

source – Ehsan A Marisah

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