Siti Nurhaliza sing the milk theme song and it was very stunning

Siti Nurhaliza sing the milk theme song and it was very stunning

IF your voice is good, sing any song is good. That’s how the country’s number one singer, Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza, 43, was praised by many when she delivered the theme song of the famous milk brand Farm Fresh, Semuanya Baik in the Gegar Vaganza 9 program.

Siti who was appointed as the ambassador of the milk brand was happy when the song was liked by many of her fans.

“Everything is good, everything is good, at Farm Fresh everything is good.

“It’s funny when I read the comments of my followers and fans. Some people don’t drink milk, they want to drink milk today, some people say that the Farm Fresh commercial song is playing in their heads, and so on.

“Even though it’s funny but for me this is a sign of support and appreciation.

“These positive things actually give us a good aura,” wrote Siti on her Instagram.

Siti’s name became ‘trending’ on Twitter yesterday after the successful performance.

The customs of life, not everyone likes what we do. Similarly, Siti has netizens who think Siti is not suitable to sing the theme song because of her status as Malaysia’s number one entertainer.

In any case, it is not easy to be appointed or trusted to be an ambassador. Because of her excellence in the art industry, her hard working attitude and clean image make Siti always the target of many products who want her as an ambassador.

source – wilayahku

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