Jihan Muse introduced the second prince after 3 weeks

Jihan Muse introduced the second prince after 3 weeks

AFTER three weeks of giving birth, comedian and popular host Jihan Muse finally introduced her second child to the public.

She shared the happy news after re-uploading her husband Ungku Haris’s update.

In the entry about Ungku Haris, he uploaded a photo of himself with his baby, who was named Ungku Altamis Barr.

“Allow me to introduce our second son who is named Ungku Altamis Barr Ungku Faizal Haris,” she said.

In the meantime, they also prayed for their son to receive God’s protection by sharing a prayer excerpt from the Quranic verse

“I take refuge in God’s perfect words from every devil and wild animal, and from every evil eye that is envious,” the meaning of the prayer.

Previously, the couple was only reported by the media to have a second light after re-uploading a congratulatory message from a close friend on IG Story on September 8.

At that time, even though no official announcement had been made regarding the presence of ‘new people’, the re-upload that was done indirectly confirmed the good news.

Previously, Jihan revealed that she only knew he had pregnant after doing a smear test for COVID-19 as a procedure to host the Meletop Era Awards 2021 (AME2021) which was supposed to take place last January.

Jihan also did not manage the ninth season of Gegar Vaganza with her partner, Nabil Ahmad, which started on September 18.

Her place was replaced by actress and singer, Elly Mazlein.

The marriage of the 39-year-old celebrity and Ungku Hariz, which took place in 2016, was first blessed with a son, Ungku Arsalan Haq, 4 years old.

source – Gempak


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