The attacker of actor Kamal Adli was not allowed bail

The attacker of actor Kamal Adli was not allowed bail

SINGAPORE: The Singapore court did not allow the man accused of attacking actor Kamal Adli to be released on bail.

“Based on the report of the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), I do not allow the accused to be granted bail,” said District Judge Brenda Tan today.

The judge agreed to the prosecution’s application not to offer bail and adjourned the case for four weeks to allow investigating officers to complete the investigation.

“This case was adjourned for four weeks to May 2,” said Tan.

The accused was previously remanded for three weeks at IMH for psychiatric observation.

The 33-year-old man was charged in the State Court on March 14 on a charge of “suspected involvement in a case of causing injury with a dangerous weapon”.

According to Section 324 of the Penal Code, if found guilty he can be sentenced to imprisonment for up to seven years, fine, caning or any combination of those punishments.

Earlier, the accused who appeared in court, objected to the prosecutor’s request not to allow him to be granted bail.

The accused, who was asked by Tan about his protest, said the IMH review had found him to be “of good conduct and conduct”.

“So I don’t see why I wasn’t offered bail,” said the accused who was not represented by a lawyer.

Tan adjourned the case for about three minutes to allow the court to read two paragraphs, specifically 18 and 21 in the IMH report, to the accused.

The accused wearing a black T-shirt then said “not everything in paragraphs 18 and 21 is true…I disagree.”

On March 12 at about 9.19pm, the Singapore Police received information about the case of the accused allegedly attacking the 36-year-old actor with a baton at 1 Expo Drive.

The police confiscated the baton which became a case item.

Kamal who was injured had to undergo surgery at a hospital here.

Kamal and his wife Uqasha Senrose are in Singapore for the 2023 Hari Raya Mega Sale event at Singapore Expo Hall 5A for three days starting March 10. The incident happened at the end of the event.

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