GV9: Dina almost withdrew, the support of her loved ones gave her encouragement

GV9: Dina almost withdrew, the support of her loved ones gave her encouragement

AFTER losing her beloved father, Gegar Vaganza 9 (GV9) star, Dina Nadzir revealed, she almost withdrew and had given up on participating in the program.

However, Dina explained, armed with the spirit of loved ones around her, it became a reason for her to continue her struggle on the GV9 stage.

“The night my father died, I calmed down and didn’t care if I was eliminated, I thought my fortune only reached the sixth week. I’m just thankful because everything is God’s will.

“But with my friends who are ‘crazy’ this is the reason for me to continue, they say don’t stop, the struggle must continue even though I honestly say I have actually given up.

“Then my family and distant relatives all said that my late father must want to see me continue to fight in this competition, I did it for my brother.

“To bring the spirit of abah, that’s why I bring a ghost stick in my performance, even if it’s just an ordinary stick with a few carvings, I brought that stick from Johor,” she shared.

Dina was met at the press conference session after GV9’s seventh week concert that took place from the MBSA Auditorium Hall on Sunday.

In the meantime, the Malu Tapi Mahu singer explained that the purpose of her inviting several singer friends during the performance was to give her strength.

“I want to sing alone this seventh week, I feel like I’m not strong, that’s why I invited some friends who are very close to me, including Alvira, Cikgu Delly, Atilia and Nadia Aqillah.

“There was no rehearsal time for them, but just now when they were there I felt different, everything happened very well and beautifully, coupled with the energy of the audience at that time, my spirit was different like when I was about to start the show,” she added.

Earlier, Dina’s performance of LaBelle’s original song Lady Marmalade received a score of 77.10 percent.

source – Gempak .


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