Flowers for Diana Danielle, a sign of reconciliation – Farid

Flowers for Diana Danielle, a sign of reconciliation – Farid

SHAH ALAM: Actress Diana Danielle arrived at the Subang Bestari Syariah Court here at 9.02am on Tuesday, for the mention of her divorce case involving the Conciliation Committee (JKP) process.

Diana Danielle, 32, arrived in court wearing a black robe accompanied by her assistant and bodyguard.

“Salam Ramadan,” said Diana Danielle or real name Diana Danielle Danny Beeson, 32, who also waved to the media.

A minute later, Farid Kamil or his full name is Farid Kamil Zahari, 42, arrived at the court wearing a black and white patterned batik shirt, accompanied by his lawyer.

The actor of the film Lagenda Budak Setan was also seen holding a bouquet of roses, right out of the Vellfire type car.

“I want to give this flower to Diana Danielle as the first sign of reconciliation,” he said.

The Imaginur movie actress filed for divorce on the grounds of lack of understanding and the occurrence of shiqaq or prolonged arguments.

However, Farid refused to pronounce the divorce.

It is understood that the couple no longer live together.

The couple got married on 3 November 2012 and were blessed with two daughters, Muhammad, 10, and Aurora, 7.

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