Faking her own death, the determined woman stabbed the blogger 50 times

Faking her own death, the determined woman stabbed the blogger 50 times

INGOLSTADT: A 23-year-old woman has been charged after stabbing an Algerian beauty blogger in Germany to death in an attempt to fake her own death.

The Iraqi woman known as Shahraban K allegedly stabbed the victim known as Khadidja O, as many as 50 times until her face was completely disfigured.

Shahraban K then left the body in her Mercedes Benz vehicle in an attempt to prove that she was actually the victim of a murder.

In the meantime, Shahraban K and her boyfriend known as Sheqir K are reported to be facing life imprisonment if convicted.

The incident happened in the city of Ingolstadt, Germany last August after Shahraban K tracked down Khadidja O on social media because there was a similarity in appearance with her.

According to another report, Shahraban K wanted to fake her own death in order to escape from family issues. She has also created several social media accounts and contacted other women who resemble her, one of whom is Khadidja O.

German prosecutors said Shahraban K and Sheqir K were friends with Khadidja O, who lives in Heilbronn and took the woman to the forest where the murder took place.

The facial disfigurement was part of a deliberate plan in which the police only realized the true identity of the victim after an autopsy was performed, initially believing it to be the body of Shahraban K after being informed of her disappearance by her father.

Ingolstadt-based prosecutor Veronika Grieser confirmed the accused contacted several women via Instagram who looked similar to her.

“It can be assumed that the suspect wanted to hide, because of an internal dispute with her family, and faked her own death,” she said.


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