A young man forget the dream of becoming an engineer for the sake of the legacy of making knives, machetes

A young man forget the dream of becoming an engineer for the sake of the legacy of making knives, machetes

JEMPOL: A young man is willing to forget his dream of becoming an engineer in order to continue his late father’s legacy in the field of making high quality knives and machetes which he has been working on for the past 13 years.

Muhammad Nurdin Rostam Kamal, 24, better known as Along said, he is confident that the business of sharp tools has the potential to grow and adds that he thinks it reaches five figures a month just selling online through Facebook Taamim Handmade.

He said, sales can reach RM5,000 through direct sales and he will market on the social media platform twice a month.

“Before my father died of brain cancer last August, his hope was to see me continue the legacy of knife making because not many young generations are interested in this field.

“Since I was 16 years old, every semester break or school break I would help my father and learn to make knives. I don’t regret leaving the field of engineering because the business field is now more profitable with each individual’s creativity,” he said.

The Bachelor of Aircraft Engineering Technology graduate who was met at the Small and Medium Industries (SME) fair in conjunction with the Negeri Sembilan Malaysia Family Aspiration Tour here said he was able to produce about 20 handmade knife blades and machetes in a week.

He said, the product is made of high quality metal, specially for the manufacture of blades imported from abroad, especially from Japan.

“I don’t use recycled metal. The advantage is that the knife is rust-resistant and easy to maintain,” he said. The price of his product is sold at a price of RM200 to more than RM900 depending on the material, design and special request of the customer.

Muhammad Nurdin said the space behind his house in Felda Palong 3 near here, was used as a workshop for making sharp tools.

He said, the Jelajah series (AKM) is the best platform for young entrepreneurs like him to promote products to the public.

“Most of the visitors who attend my fair are my followers on social media and know the products produced,” he said, who is determined to expand his business by opening a factory and thus provide employment opportunities for the younger generation.

The eldest of three brothers is determined to prove that Malaysia also has the expertise and skills to produce world-class knives.

“Often when talking about knives, everyone looks at high quality knives from America or Switzerland. I want people to know that even in Malaysia there are craftsmen who can produce world-class knives or machetes,” he said.

source – BERNAMA


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