The house is like a nursery, many want to learn fasting with Ozlynn!

The house is like a nursery, many want to learn fasting with Ozlynn!

LOOKING at the upbringing that celebrity couple Ozlynn Wati and Johan often share for all their children, praise should be given.

Which is not the case, not only fasting but all the children of this couple have been taught to do prayers since they were little and even attending congregation every dawn is an obligation for this family. Great!

Through her Instagram, Ozlynn also shared not only their five children but also fasting this time with several other small children who also want to learn to fast.

“So my life began with a nursery. More and more children are at home when they know I’m there.

“Mothers, fathers, mothers of all who have small children here, don’t forget your child’s clothes yahhhhhh !!

“Honestly, all the boys in the picture above have been angry, shouted, slapped… but still want to sleep here as well. Still not angry, “wrote Ozlynn sharing.


In fact, Ozlynn said again, all of them were also educated just like her children who had been angry and shouted. All for the success of their prayers and fasting.

“Tomorrow there is a 5 -year -old boy who wants to practice fasting. So tomorrow I update the sahur surprise trip, the dawn prayers lead to breaking the fast ok. May He make it easy.

“So tomorrow, 7-year-olds with 6-year-olds and 3-year-olds can fast. I’m happy to live a little. Just monitor je, sorang je sometimes we train. Wages?

“Look at the behavior first, if everyone doesn’t listen. I don’t need to pay for toys .. I’m still playing with each other.

“Free, but you have to remember my house and my rules. Once we come here, it’s like our son. Angry, rattan standby je if not… ”he said again who also shared in the comment section.

In the meantime, Ozlynn’s upbringing that serves other children has definitely received praise from many and even her followers also joked that they want to send their children to practice fasting with Ozlynn.

Many also congratulated on this great effort and education.

source – Pa and Ma

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