Tudum: a Netflix global fan event is back

Tudum: a Netflix global fan event is back

The free virtual event celebrates Netflix fandom and will share the scoop on over 100 shows, films and specials from around the world

TUDUM is back. The global virtual event that garnered over 25 million views from Netflix fans in 184 countries around the world last year is returning Saturday, September 24 with five global events in 24 hours.

The What: Tune in for an exciting day of exclusive news, never-before-seen footage, trailers, and first looks, as well as interviews with Netflix’s biggest stars and creators. The free virtual event is a celebration of Netflix fandom and is dedicated to sharing the scoop on over 100 fan favorite shows, films and specials from across the globe.

The When: On September 24, Tudum will span four continents with five events, taking fans on a whirlwind trip around the world:

At 10am MYT (7pm PT September 23), Tudum kicks off with an exciting show out of Korea.
At 1.30pm MYT (10.30pm PT September 23), fans will be treated to a fun look at what’s ahead from India.
At 1am MYT (10am PT September 24), fans will get exclusive news from shows and movies coming out of the United States and Europe, as well as an additional event which previews the great entertainment coming from Latin America.
At 12pm MYT September 25 (9pm PT September 24), stars from Japan will close out Tudum with a celebration of Japanese content.
The Where: Tudum: A Netflix Global Fan Event will be available across Netflix YouTube channels in a number of different languages. Netflix’s official fan site, Tudum.com/event, will have the latest news from the event, and stay tuned for details about the title and celebrity lineup in early September.

source – The Vibes


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