Take the spirit, a lesson from the Mat Kilau film

Take the spirit, a lesson from the Mat Kilau film

SHAH ALAM: The Malaysian community, especially the Malays, need to learn from the story of Mat Kilau’s struggle who was not tempted by rank and money when he opposed the colonialists.

President of the GEMA Malaysia Youth Organization (GEMA Youth), Nasim Ralim said, the story of Mat Kilau has become a phenomenon in the country following the film Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan being popular in cinemas.

“At a time when Mat Kilau and the Malay warriors faced external challenges to drive out the British colonialists who tried to profit from Malaya’s land, they also had to face internal challenges when they were betrayed by the British who took bribes and embraced for personal gain.

“In our efforts to fight corruption and malpractice, Mat Kilau’s story should be a lesson to young people,” he told the Busters Corruption crew.

According to Nasim, wrapped in sadness, frustration and anger at seeing how the Malay community at that time was boxed in by the colonialists, the film managed to burn the spirit of the audience who did not want the same thing to happen again in their beloved homeland.

“However, are we all aware that the same or worse thing will happen if we do not curb the rampant corruption in this country?” asked him.

source – Sinar Harian


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