5G project: The government wants to finish the 5G issue immediately – Fahmi

5G project: The government wants to finish the 5G issue immediately – Fahmi

KUALA LUMPUR: All parties need to wait for the Cabinet of Ministers’ decision regarding the direction of implementation of the 5G network by Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB), according to Communications and Digital Minister, Fahmi Fadzil.

He said that his ministry and the Ministry of Finance had discussed the implementation of the project in a meeting yesterday in an effort to find an immediate solution.

“We still need to resolve it immediately so that the people, the small and medium enterprise sector (SMEs) can use this infrastructure which will help boost industrial business activities or daily life,” he said. Space, last night.

Admitting that it cannot be resolved overnight, Fahmi is confident that the 5G issue needs to be resolved immediately before stepping into the 6G network era, which he says is still early days for Malaysia.

DNB, a government-owned special purpose company (SPV) to develop 5G technology, is committed to accelerating the schedule for rolling out 5G coverage to 80 percent of populated areas by 2024.

Meanwhile, Fahmi. who is also PKR’s Head of Information, said the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has asked the Cabinet of the Unity Government to prioritize solutions to the people’s problems rather than focusing on new brands or slogans for each ministry.

He said, the matter is based on the realization that the people are no longer thirsty for a leadership line that focuses solely on rhetoric, but instead want a government that is able to help solve the problems they face.

“People don’t want to listen to rhetoric and slogans. In fact, that was the prime minister’s warning, he said we shouldn’t have a new brand. We focus on solving the people’s problems,” he said.

In the one-hour program, Fahmi also informed that the acronym that will be used for the Ministry of Communications and Digital is now KKD.

Previously, the ministry was known as K-KOMM which is the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia.


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