Remp-it 2 will go to Indonesia

Remp-it 2 will go to Indonesia

Just released, the movie Remp-it 2 will be shown in Indonesia.

This good news follows when Farid Kamil, 41, successfully impersonated a political figure who is now the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Jakarta, Indonesia, recently.

As producer, director and actor for the film Remp-it 2, Farid took the opportunity to approach Indonesian actors and production companies about the idea of ​​his film

Farid told the party there gave an encouraging response when he expressed his desire to show the action-themed film in the country.

“Alhamdulillah, I received positive feedback. They like this movie because the motoring genre has never been shown in Indonesia. When I asked if there was any chance of the Remp-it 2 movie being shown on the other side, they said it was acceptable.

“In fact, when I uploaded the Remp-it 2 teaser on Instagram, social media influencers talked a lot about motorcycle racing and helped ‘repost’,” he said at a Remp-it 2 preview event at a shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Remp-it 2 preview PARTY

Remp-it, which once created its own phenomenon in 2006, is now back with a more compact and mature act.

If Remp-it (2006) featured an action film suitable for the era, Remp-it 2 this time focuses on more mature content and becomes an action film suitable for viewing by various levels of society and is classified as P13 by the Malaysian Film Censorship Board (LPF).

The world of motoring itself has gone through a fairly significant change during that period as there have been changes in the world of film production and audience tastes.

Remp-it 2 is a continuation of Remp-it (2006) however, with the current sophistication of filming technology, all the racing action takes place during the day. Spectators can see the action of the race more clearly.

Remp-it 2 also features various types of motorcycles from various categories including regular motorcycles such as Y15, RS, RXZ, 12Z, motocross, cub prix up to superbikes.

Motorcycle elements are driven by elements of friendship and family making Remp-it 2 suitable for viewing by all walks of life.

FKX Film directs this film to Malaysian motorsport legends who have made the country’s name famous on the international stage.

Their struggle is tireless and even risking their own safety and life. Like other patriot fighters, they also need to be celebrated and their life stories also need to be filmed.

Remp-it 2 is one of the efforts of the Publisher in the long term to produce racers who are able to further enhance the name of the country in the motoring arena.

This film was produced and directed by Farid Kamil in addition to acting as the main actor alongside actors such as Cat Farish, Ahirine Ahirudin, Julia Hana, Izzue Islam, Niezam Zaidi, Farez Ridzwan, Shiha Zikir, Chiwan Chilok, Mamak Puteh, Rudy GTB, Gabit Saleh, Shahkimin and the debut appearance of Muhammad Kamil aka Che Mad who has given convincing acting quality at the age of 7.

Filming was carried out for 55 days in locations chosen according to the storyline including Ulu Choh Johor, Melaka, Gong Badak Terengganu, Sungai Lembing Pahang, as well as around the Klang Valley including the Sepang International Circuit.

To all Malaysian motoring and film fans, make sure you watch the movie Remp-it which has started showing on 24 November 2022.

Synopsis of Remp-it 2

REMPT-IT 2 tells the continuation of MADI’s life 16 years after the incident that happened to Madi and SPARK.

Madi now works as an instructor at a motorcycle training center owned by ROY and runs a workshop with MACHA. After that incident, Madi was determined not to race and leave the world of rempit. Now Madi focuses on being a professional racer.

One day, by accident, Madi was on the road with AJAK, a SPARK person. Madi who is trying to avoid getting involved in an illegal race does a trick by leaving the race.

But Ajak was not satisfied and once again hit Madi on the road and raced again but this time with DEKWAN and his friends. The news of Madi’s appearance reached the knowledge of Spark who was in prison. Spark will be released soon and he can’t wait to be reunited with Madi.

While Madi is trying to escape from the fact that he is back racing, a child named MUHAMMAD appears who claims to be Madi’s son. Madi and Macha are lost because they don’t know who Muhammad’s mother is.

The appearance of Muhammad added to the burden in Madi’s head. He has never been close to children and now has to live with a child.

source – wilayahku

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