Patah Hati Concert is not only about love

Patah Hati Concert is not only about love

Many think that the Broken Heart Concert is for those who have broken up or are disappointed in romance.

Don’t be quick to make assumptions. Broken Heart Concert organized by ANS Diversified Sdn. Bhd., which will take place on 15 March 2023, at The Zepp Kuala Lumpur.

The director of the concert project, Ahmad Faizal Zulkipli, said that the first ever concert conducted by ANS Diversified will feature Ernie Zakri, Noh Salleh, Naim Daniel, Aisha Retno, Inssomniacs and Nastia.

The artists involved are a combination of solo and group artists and each has millions of followers in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.

True to its name, Heartbreak Concert, this great show will feature love songs of various genres that touch the heart. It is not only a current hit song but also an all-time hit song in a fresh version.

“The truth is that Patah Hati is not only about love, but we take inspiration from life and what is happening in the present age.

“For example, many of us lost relatives or siblings during the pandemic and it affected each other.

“Perhaps others have broken hearts about careers, business and so on. That’s actually, heartbreak is not just love,” he explained about the meaning behind the title of the concert.

He also said that on the night of the concert later, the artists will be accompanied by seven professional musicians and two background singers under the leadership of the Music Director, Shahakam Mokhtar.

“It will be embellished with audio visual toys and interesting lighting techniques. We are confident that all the artists involved in this concert will have no problem performing live because each of them has experience on stage.

“Ernie Zakri, Noh Salleh and Naim Daniel have performed in many concerts and big events such as Juara Lagu and Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM).

“Aisha Retno is very creative and energetic when on stage and has just launched her latest single, I Love Sadness More.

“Insomniacks ​​is made up of three young people, Iqie, Iskandar and Danial, and they were great with their single Pulang which became the champion of the most streamed domestic song chart in 2019 on digital media.

“The same goes for Nastia who is very popular with the song Rapuh and has experience performing live. Each artist will sing three songs and maybe more,” said Ahmad Faizal again.

This concert also has the cooperation of strategic partners, Yayasan Digital and Jemz Group as well as media partners, Oh My Media and Monyok (official merchandise).

Patah Hati Concert Tickets are being sold at the price, RM170 (CAT 1 & CAT 2 – SANG PENIKAM) – Early Bird RM158, RM284 (CAT 3 – MAINAN) – Early Bird RM268, RM253 (CAT4 – RAPUH SEARCH), RM5,229 (VIP BOX & SUITE – HOME & DOLL).

Tickets can be booked on the website

source – wilayahku

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