Pakistani legend ghazal singer Nayyara Noor dies

Pakistani legend ghazal singer Nayyara Noor dies

NEW DELHI: Pakistanis on Sunday mourned the passing of legendary singer Nayyara Noor.

The entertainer, who has been in the entertainment industry for decades and was popular with the theme song, died at the age of 71 in the city of Karachi due to illness, local media reported.

Nayyara was born in the country of Assam in northeast India before moving to Pakistan with his family in the 1950s.

Generations of Pakistanis grew up with the melodiousness of his voice as his ghazals were broadcast on television and radio.

“There can be no more Nayyara Noor. Pakistan has lost a star legend,” political expert Faisal Javed Khan said in a social media note.

source – BERNAMA

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