Four lost climbers on Gunung Pulai were found safe

Four lost climbers on Gunung Pulai were found safe

BALING: Four climbers were found safe after five hours of getting lost while climbing Mount Pulai, here on Friday.

Head of Baling Fire and Rescue Station, Assistant Superintendent Mohd Jamil Mat Daud, all the victims are believed to have started climbing at around 8am before getting lost while descending the mountain.

He informed that the victim aged between 22 and 26 years old was later found at about 11.30 pm in a state of exhaustion due to running out of food supplies.

“Prior to that, the search and rescue (SAR) operation on the mountain was carried out starting at around 7pm after receiving a call about the incident at around 6.19pm.

“The search and rescue operation was carried out immediately after receiving a complaint regarding the incident from one of the victims who informed them that they got lost on their way down to the foot of the mountain,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

He said, the caller told them they could still see the river and heard the call to prayer at an estimated height of about 500 meters below.

“Members together with volunteer firemen and villagers who moved up the mountain have started to hear voices and see the lights of the lost victims,” ​​he said.

However, he said, efforts to find a way were quite difficult because the victim had lost his way with the path going down in addition to the sloping and rocky terrain.

He said, the victim was later found in a tired state due to running out of food supplies at 11.30pm and was successfully brought down to the foot of Gunung Pulai at about 2.30am.

Mohd Jamil said that he was grateful that everyone was safe and there were no untoward incidents.

He said that all the victims from Perlis and Kedah who were in a stable and safe condition were handed over to the police for further action.

“The victim is believed to have climbed the mountain without the services of Malim Gunung or an individual knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the mountain.

“Climbers who are not familiar with mountain climbing are believed to get lost because they miss the path when going down the mountain.

“The route of Gunung Pulai is more difficult than that of Gunung Baling because the slope is higher and rocky in addition to the thick forest,” he said.

Accordingly, he advised any individual who wants to climb to be more careful and not take it lightly if they are not familiar with the route on the mountain.

source – Sinar Harian

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