‘Islam is full of love’ – Dian Sastrowardoyo revealed that she once considered Islam a cruel religion

‘Islam is full of love’ – Dian Sastrowardoyo revealed that she once considered Islam a cruel religion

Indonesian art celebrity, Dian Sastrowardoyo is known among the community and her fans as a convert actress.

Dian, who used to be a Catholic, converted to Islam about 20 years ago.

After more than a decade of embracing Islam, Dian shared a story about her journey to know many religions until she finally chose Islam as her way of life.

Through an article published by Viva.co.id , Dian was quoted from one of the posts on the YouTube channel admitting that she converted to Islam after knowing almost all religions.

“I grew up in a Catholic family. My mother is Catholic. But I have a strong desire to get to know different types of religions.

“So I took note and learned about Buddhism and Hinduism until the last time I met a teacher to learn more about Islam,” admitted the star of the movie ‘Ada Apa Dengan Cinta’.

Dian then added she once thought of Islam as a cruel religion so she really understood the concept and fell in love with its beauty.

“I used to consider Islam a cruel religion. But after I met religious teachers and got to know and deepen Islam, it turned out that this religion is not cruel.

“But Islam is full of love,” she admitted.

That is why Dian was determined to embrace Islam. Dian said the first thing she learned was to pray so that she could recite two sentences of creed.

“I started studying prayers and reciting syahadah on the night of Israk Mikraj in 2002.

“At first I was worried, especially what if my mother knew I embraced Islam. Many also remember me embracing Islam because at that time I was in love with a Muslim lover.

“But I look into my heart, what I believe and not afraid of the decision that has been taken,” he explained again.

Even now, Dian, who has embraced Islam for 20 years, is seen to be very diligent in performing ibadah, including khatam Al Quran every Ramadan.

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source – Gempak


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