“A wife’s instinct is strong” – Ellie Suriaty is not surprised Azri wants to get married again

“A wife’s instinct is strong” – Ellie Suriaty is not surprised Azri wants to get married again

DIRECTOR, actress and acting coach, Ellie Suriaty was not surprised when her ex -husband, Azri Iskandar announced that he would marry a woman named Azra Diera Abdul Hamid while their edah process was not over yet.

Ellie said she was already aware of the change at the end of their marriage after they both agreed to divorce and took their respective paths on May 17.

“I’m not surprised and it can be quite a bit about this. That’s why my heart is determined to pull out of this marriage. Because I already think he’s in a relationship with another woman.

“And, when I file for divorce, I do not have to ask again to get any certainty or validity. Because I knew him very well as a husband for 19 years.

“During that period, we have gone through all the hardships together. When there is a change in the household, I know his heart is with other people and not with me anymore, ”she said.

“It’s better continue this life for the sake of the children and focus on my art career. Because this life is too meaningful for us to brainstorm with such things.

“Before the divorce, I had think long enough about the good and the bad.

“In fact, I have asked for guidance from Allah SWT. Azri doesn’t know that I know what he is doing behind my back.

“But, a wife’s instinct is very strong. We ourselves can feel many very noticeable changes. After all we are not just married a year or two away.

“I do not deny that there are many women out there who are much better than me. But they are not Ellie Suriaty who really understands who Azri Iskandar is, ”she added.

Ellie Suriaty has filed for divorce against Azri Iskandar and through court proceedings, they were confirmed divorced on May 17. Each of them is also undergoing a three-month edah process which will end on 28 August.

Throughout their marriage, Ellie and Azri were blessed with two bright eyes, Azrell Omar Azri Iskandar, 18 and Nur Azreen, 13.

Source – Gempak


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