HiBy Announces R4 Hifi Digital Audio Player For The U.S. Market

HiBy Announces R4 Hifi Digital Audio Player For The U.S. Market

“A New Generation of Audio Evangelism”

LEWES, Del., April 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HiBy, a leader in the portable audio industry, today announces its R4 HiFi Digital Audio Player and opens presale of the product on its ecommerce website.

High Function, High Value
The HiBy R4 is an entry-level HiFi digital audio player that features four separate DAC chips, which makes for a fully balanced player that boasts advanced digital-analog conversion, high resolution and a wide dynamic range. The resulting product is a smoother, purer sound.

“The R4 is the only digital audio player on the market that features a 4-DAC design in the sub-$400 price range. This alone makes it an exceptional value for the money; it’s a new generation of audio evangelism,” said Fanoble Meng, Co-Founder and CEO of HiBy Music.

Other key features include:

Five hours run time and 675 hours standby time.
High-grade processing power, using Snapdragon 665 SoC.
An open Android 12 system that’s compatible with all streaming platforms.
Class A amplification that has zero crossover distortion for instant transient response and matchless detail.
A large, 4.7″ hi-res display to add a pleasing visual experience.
Bluetooth 5.2.
An included graffiti-designed lanyard convenient for outdoor use.
SciFi Inspired Design
The HiBy R4’s unique design was inspired by a combination of cyber punk, mecha and space opera. The resulting look is that of a futuristic audio machine, defined by strong geometric lines and an offset hatch. It is available in Black, Silver, Green and Orange.

The HiBy R4 will retail for $249.00. Pre-sale orders open today with this announcement and are expected to ship by mid-May, with a free gift. To learn more about the HiBy R4 visit https://store.hiby.com/products/hiby-r4.

About HiBy
Since its founding in 2011, HiBy has established itself as a leading authority in the portable audio industry. HiBy specializes in the research, development and sales of top-quality portable audio products, and operates via two subsidiary brands: HiBy Music and HiBy Digital.


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