GoPro Hero11 Black – action packed features in a small camera package

GoPro Hero11 Black – action packed features in a small camera package

GoPro’s Hero11 Black line-up is not only for adventure enthusiasts, but for everyone

WHO isn’t familiar with GoPro, the adventure camera that has been a companion to outdoor enthusiasts since 2004, four years after the company was founded, starting with the initial version that used 35mm film.

After 20 years, surely fans of this compact camera want something that can give a better cash return for a device that can be taken almost anywhere.

Although every year GoPro succeeds in introducing interesting new features, users are always looking for something more from the camera maker.

This year, by continuing the same design as its predecessor and still using accessories starting from the Hero9 model, the launch of the GoPro Hero11 Black line-up has given a new lease on life to camera enthusiasts and photography activists, as well as outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Compact in size, the GoPro Hero11 can be used in various conditions including 10 metres deep in water without a waterproof case. – GoPro pics

The founder and CEO of GoPro, Nick Woodman during his welcoming address to the media during Malaysia’s recent national launch event, said he felt the sense of enthusiasm that GoPro was able to reach at its current level, with various interesting features that are comparable to larger and more complex cameras.

Describing the GoPro Hero11 Black as a ‘Beast’ in a small package, Woodman sees the Hero11 as being able to help users produce more creative and interesting visuals even if they know nothing about photography or videography.

And his words proved to be true because the Hero11 Black line-up is packed with interesting features in a camera weighing only 153 grams, the size of two matchboxes.

The line-up launched in Malaysia recently includes the GoPro Hero11 Black, which is already in the market at a price of RM2,399; Hero11 Black Creator Edition (RM3,399) and Hero11 Black Mini, which will go on sale on October 25 with a price of RM1,979.

Creator Edition is equipped with accessories that allow creators to produce visuals more easily. – GoPro pics

Most interestingly, the Hero11 line-up has many new features including a larger sensor with a size of 1/1.9 inches compared to 1/2.3 inches on the Hero10 to enable a 8:7 aspect ratio to be produced through a vertical format.

With the large sensor, the Hero11 line-up has over 1 billion colors with 10-bit color depth for video recordings of up to 5.3K resolution at 60 frames per second, in addition to 27 megapixels for photo capture to produce quality and real still images.

Through this Hero11, you will definitely not miss any moment for high-quality images as you can screen capture through a 5.3K resolution video recording that will provide 24.7 megapixels quality.

Maybe you have seen video footage of MotoGP races taken through onboard cameras when the rider takes a corner with a degree of leaning exceeding 60% – the MotoGP record is held by Marc Márquez who managed to lean up to 70% – but the video displayed remains horizontal.

Hero11 Black Mini will start to be marketed in Malaysian market on October 25. – GoPro pics

Now Hero11 users can do the same where even if the camera is rotated up to 360 degrees, the horizon is still maintained and now more interestingly, it can be done with linear mode along with 5.3K video quality, 30 FPS.

Turn it to any angle, Horizon Lock will give you a fixed solid recording of the visuals you want.

The Horizon Lock is also matched with the latest HyperSmooth 5.0 technology, a stabilising technology with an Emmy Award-winning quality class that provides a smooth and unique recording.

In addition, social media content creators can produce an interesting recording straight out of the Hero11 without having to use another device for editing.

Among other features packed into the Hero11 is the TimeWarp 3.0 technology that can be recorded with 5.3K video quality, an improvement from before which could only be recorded at 4K quality.

The GoPro Hero11 Black line-up has now entered the Malaysian market. – GoPro pics
In fact, now those who like to record in a low light or at night conditions can play with their unique Time Lapse preset features including Star Trails, Light Painting and Vehicle Light Trails, without the need to use any other software or external devices.

But all that will not be achieved without good battery power and to that end, GoPro produces Enduro batteries that can increase the recording time by up to 38%.

In comparison, 5.3K quality video recording with the new Enduro battery is capable to record up to 80 minutes continuously.

GoPro Hero11 Black and GoPro Hero11 Black Creator Edition are now sold through authorised agents throughout Malaysia.

source – The Vibes

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