Goodbye, Pikachu…

Goodbye, Pikachu…

TOKYO: Goodbye, Pikachu!

You must be wondering why?

From 2023, the iconic character of Pokemon returns to meet the fans, but without the presence of its biggest star, Pikachu who said goodbye after 25 seasons of adventure.

Citing a Manila Times report , this popular Japanese animated series features the cheerful electric mouse character, Pikachu and his trainer, Ash Ketchum fighting with other Pokemon characters since 1997.

But after winning the “Pokemon World Coronation Series,” the next adventure will focus on new characters named Liko and Roy.

“It represents everything fans love about Pokemon animation , including action, adventure, friendship and Pokemon,” said Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri.

Pokemon characters appeared in video games for Nintendo’s Gameboy in 1996, spawning a franchise that rivaled Star Wars and Harry Potter as a worldwide children’s craze.

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that uses geolocation and augmented reality to place characters in real world locations successfully creating a phenomenon.

The latest video game for the Nintendo Switch, Scarlet and Purple , has sold more than 10 million copies since its launch in late November.

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