Shocking! Mommyhana gifted a Lamborghini RM1.5 million to Siti Jamumall

Shocking! Mommyhana gifted a Lamborghini RM1.5 million to Siti Jamumall

“Very surprised and shaking hands.”

Such is the feeling of social media influencer or influencer who is also an entrepreneur, Siti Jamumall who received a gift of a Lamborghini Hurucan luxury car worth RM1.5 million in conjunction with her 23rd birthday celebration, yesterday.

Siti Jamumall or real name Siti Suriani Wahiddin said, she still did not expect and it was like dreaming to receive such a luxurious gift from Mommy Hana.

“Alhamdulillah, thank God. To be honest, I never expected or even thought that I would get this luxurious gift. She was tearful and speechless.

“Thank you to Mommy Hana who managed to make this surprise at my birthday celebration yesterday. This will be a memory and something very valuable in oneself,” she said.

According to Siti Jamumall, the prize was also in conjunction with the achievement achieved by successfully recording sales of over RM1 million of Mommy Hana products made directly on TikTok, recently.

“Before this I collaborated with Mommy Hana. So, during the ‘live’ session on TikTok, within six hours I managed to reach over RM1 million in sales. For me, it is indeed something extraordinary.

“Now I am also the top 1 for the most ‘ranking sale’ in a short period of time which within one hour of ‘live’ continues to be a hit,” he said.

Mommyhana is better known for its interactive product My first book which has sold over a million units and also the number one supplement for children ExcelHana.

Most recently, Mommyhana released a technological educational product which is a set of school equipment that can speak and sound with premium quality but an affordable price.

source – wilayahku

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