Anjalts Edgy Single ‘Miracle 4we’ Echoes the Voices of an Eco-aware Mindset

Anjalts Edgy Single ‘Miracle 4we’ Echoes the Voices of an Eco-aware Mindset

IXO Music launches Anjalts new alternative hip-hop single.

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As the digital-born generation comes of age, they are more health-conscious, socially aware, and environmentally responsible. Their willingness to stand up for what they care about will someday reshape many environmental conferences, such as the COP27 climate summit. Their reflective nature echoes in a new song titled “Miracle 4we” by divergent singer/songwriter Anjalts that drops on November 18.

“I think it’s fair to say that whether you’re a millennial or Gen Z, they are all fed up with everything from our economy to the lack of focus on environmental change, to their unaddressed feelings that adults are not listening to,” says Acen Sinclair, studio engineer & operating manager of IXO Music, an indie artist development platform has teamed up with Anjalts to release her latest single. “I never really had time to reflect on how the youth may raise the bar into the future until I was in the studio listening to Anjalts recording of ‘Miracle 4we,” and the first verse had me pondering that question,” continues Sinclair.

It’s an eco-aware generation that has emerged frustrated with monopolizing capitalism and how it is continuing to create a bleak future for them.

Eco-aware artists like Anjalts have made their music their voice to inspire these fundamental changes to occur sooner. In addition, younger activists are frequently at the forefront of the climate debate, with voices like Greta Thunberg’s and the Sunrise Movement’s being among the most prominent in group discussions worldwide calling for immediate climate action.

“We are calling for a miracle,” says Elle Asti, founder of IXO Music. “It’s incredible to observe the increase in youth awareness helping to make climate change a priority in today’s leaders’ minds.”

IPCC studies show that significant changes in the energy sector will be needed to keep global warming to a minimum. Significantly less usage of fossil fuels, widespread electrification, increased energy efficiency, and the use of alternative fuels will all be necessary to achieve this (such as hydrogen).

Can this miracle reverse climate catastrophes happen before 2030?

“Preserving vital eco-systems like the Amazon Rainforest & Congo Rainforests is a start,” says Anjalts, “stopping the fires, the deforestation with renewed laws of creating vital eco-system parks. Finding balance and solutions are out there. Also, empowering indigenous people who have always protected these forests not because of trends or hashtags, but because it is their only home, is something.”

“Artists are only reflections of our environment. Writing ‘Miracle 4we’ was from a nightmare of realizations that we are all demanding more than what Mother Earth can give without allowing her enough time to recover,” continues the eco-aware songster. “If we cut a tree down, then grow two trees in its place. That is what begins a thriving balance. I’m optimistic in calling out a miracle in this song because I believe it’s already there in all of us.” (Anjalts)

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