Actor Feri Irawan arrested for alleged domestic violence

Actor Feri Irawan arrested for alleged domestic violence

The East Java Police Crime Directorate arrested actor Ferry Irawan on Monday afternoon after being examined as a suspect since the morning.

Feri faces allegations of violence against his wife who is also an actress and politician Venna Melinda.

A spokesman for the East Java Police said that before being arrested, Ferry underwent a medical examination by a doctor from Bhayangkara Hospital in Surabaya, Tempo reported .

“From the results of the doctor’s examination, medically there is no obstacle for the further process (arrest).
“Investigators have the power to arrest suspects whose sentence is 5 years or more,” said the police.

The investigative team arrested Feri under Article 21 of the Criminal Code.

Feri is also considered mentally healthy based on interviews conducted by doctors.

Police named Ferry Irawan as a suspect on Thursday, January 12, 2023.

The ferry was charged with violating Article 44 and 45 of Law No. 23/2004 regarding Domestic Violence for committing physical and psychological violence against his wife, Venna Melinda.

Feri denied the allegations.

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