The jury’s decision has restored my life – Johnny Depp

The jury’s decision has restored my life – Johnny Depp

A jury’s decision to award $ 15 million in damages in a defamation suit against Amber Heard is deemed to have restored her life, Johnny Depp said.
It is clear that the 58-year-old Hollywood actor, this is because for six years, his life and that of his children and close individuals have been severely affected following the allegations against him.
Insults and hateful comments against him affected his life as well as his career even though no charges were laid.

According to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, he is determined to pursue the case earlier in an effort to restore his reputation.
In a recent statement on his Instagram account after the verdict, Depp thanked the judge, court staff, police officers and his team of lawyers for their support during the six weeks of the trial.

Depp also closed his statement with the phrase “the best is coming and a new sheet is finally beginning”.

On Thursday, a jury ruled Depp was paid US $ 15 million (RM65.7 million) in damages while his ex -wife Heard received lesser compensation of US $ 2 million (RM8.7 million) in the celebrity couple’s defamation suit.
Depp filed a defamation suit with $ 50 million in damages against Heard over his writing for a Washington Post column .
Heard then filed a counter -suit claiming $ 100 million and claiming he was often physically abused by Depp.
Depp however denied ever physically abusing Heard, instead claiming his ex -wife was actually the one who often acted violently.

source – Hafizi Rosli

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