Star Vs Food Malaysia wins grand prize at Asian Academy Creative Awards 2022

Star Vs Food Malaysia wins grand prize at Asian Academy Creative Awards 2022

The Asian Academy Creative Awards celebrates the creative industries of the Asia Pacific region

STAR Vs Food Malaysia, was announced Grand Final Winner for ‘Best Adaptation of an Existing Format’ category at the Asian Academy Creative Awards (AACA) 2022 held on December 7.

Star Vs Food Malaysia is a co-production between Astro and Discovery Networks and produced by Creative Stew. The 10-episode series premiered on Astro on April 16 2021, presenting a unique cooking show concept where celebrities explore and learn recipes from chefs, as well as the necessary food preparation techniques in simple and interesting ways. The show is based on and original Discovery format Star Vs Food that premiered in India.

Star Vs Food Malaysia features popular local celebrities paired with renowned celebrity chefs: Alif Satar and Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi; Bront Palarae and Datuk Chef Ismail; Sherry Alhadad and Chef Adu Amran; Alicia Amin and Chef Florence Tan; Che Puan Juliana Evans and Chef Najib Hamid; Hisyam Hamid and Dato’ Chef Fazley Yaakob; Datin Lisa Surihani and Chef Melba Nunis; Daiyan Trisha and Chef Fadzly Che Omar; Thanuja Ananthan and Chef Yogi; and Joanne Kam and Chef Nazri Jameson.

The Asian Academy Creative Awards (AAA’s) was established to serve the creative industries as the pinnacle of their achievement in content creation and media production.

Open to the entire Asia Pac region, the AACA honours excellence in craft and technical disciplines across multiple platforms including television, digital, mobile, streaming and any other emerging technologies. 16 countries participated in this years AACA held in Singapore.

source – The Vibes

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