Audiomack Launches “Audiomack Punjabi”

Audiomack Launches “Audiomack Punjabi”

Audiomack Launches “Audiomack Punjabi” to Expand Cultural Reach & Increase the Genre’s International Presence

NEW YORK, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, artist-first music streaming service Audiomack announced the launch of Audiomack Punjabi, a new vertical focused on amplifying the renowned genre, introducing the music to new audiences and featuring versatile playlists highlighting the region’s most popular contemporary artists.

As part of the move, Punjabi will appear alongside hip-hop, Afrobeats, Latin, Caribbean and more of the streaming service’s popular genres. The newly-introduced playlists will include Punjabi Verified, 808 Pind (Village), Ishq, Party Pataka, Punjab to Canada, Punjabi Duets and more, which will be updated weekly.

Additionally, Punjabi stars such as Amrit Maan, The PropheC, Himmat Sandhu, Ezu, Jasmine Sandlas & Gur Sidhu, Karan Aujla, Himanshi Khurana and Baani Sandhu along with the late-great Sidhu Moose Wala will serve as the inaugural cover stars of Audiomack’s playlists.

“We are excited to officially launch the Punjabi genre on the Audiomack platform,” Audiomack co-founder and CMO David Ponte said. “These new playlists and trending section will position Punjabi artists alongside hip-hop, Afrobeats, and Latin music, rightfully giving them a share of an ever-growing pie of hungry music fans. We are confident that Audiomack’s free suite of tools, including the Creator App, Supporters, and discovery solutions, will connect this growing genre with prospective fans worldwide. Our mission is to be a catalyst for the genre’s international growth, much like our impact on Afrobeats’ popularity in the West, for years to come and share the talents of these undeniable artists with Audiomack’s users.”

A breakdown of each playlist can be found below:

Punjabi Verified: The latest addition to Audiomack’s popular Verified series features the most popping Punjabi songs updated weekly.
808 Pind: Punjabi lyrics and vocals soaring over trap, west coast, and drill beats, this playlist features the most popular of Punjabi subgenres on Audiomack.
ISHQ: Ishq is one of many words for Love in Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi. This playlist consists of both ballads and acoustic guitar songs about heartbreak and love. These themes are popular and this playlist has been the easiest to populate with content available on Audiomack.
Saada Bhangra: Modern Punjabi Bhangra music was created in the late 1970’s when British Indian laborers combined Western instruments with Indian folk and harvest songs. Elements of Indian instrumentation are key in this genre and while the instrumentation has been updated to be inspired by hip-hop the instruments accompanying those beats are mostly still Indian – strings, drums, etc.
Party Pataka: Pataka means firecracker. This playlist consists of Punjabi pop songs, danceable in nature, and festive. The songs often sound like other Punjabi subgenres but with a splash of reggaeton or other global pop influences.
Punjabi Duets: Playful, often danceable, back-and-forth duets on love and romance between Male and Female vocalists. As the voiceshare of women has decreased in Bollywood, both with solo songs and duets in decline, we’ve seen duets remain strong as a subgenre of Punjabi songs.
Punjab to Canada: Featuring the most popular artists from Canada today and those singing about it from India.
Mutirayan: Mutirayan celebrates the women of Punjabi music who have held it down since Surinder Kaur and beyond
The launch of the new vertical honors the storied history and legacy of genre that originated in India and Pakistan. For Audiomack, it’s an opportunity to better serve fans across the global diaspora, educate new listeners about the Punjabi sound and highlight the region’s cultural contributions across the world.

“Punjabi music has been pushing into the mainstream space like Latin and AfroBeats for a minute. It’s great to see Audiomack have their ear to the ground and have the foresight to give our music the platform it deserves,” Punjabi artist Jaz Dhami said. “I feel Audiomack will help close the gap between genres even further as it’s not your typical streaming site. Globally, this is going to help link artists like never before.”

Beyond Asia, the genre is popular amongst the massive Indian diaspora across the globe.

“We are delighted to formalize the association with Audiomack, allowing our artists and the extensive catalog of Punjabi music to reach global audiences along with the other popular genres like hip-hop, Afro Beats, Latin and many more,” Believe Digital Regional Director (Believe – Artist Services, India) Shilpa Sharda said. “This collaboration will be a great addition to our existing brand relationships and an immense opportunity for our artists to build up their fan base internationally.”

To learn more about the launch of Audiomack Punjabi, please visit and follow @AudiomackPunjab on Twitter and @audiomackpunjabi on Instagram. More information can be found here.

SOURCE – Audiomack

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