Search shows abnormalities, play songs that are rarely heard

Search shows abnormalities, play songs that are rarely heard

Legendary rock group, Search which is now lined up by Noordin (guitar), Kid (guitar), Yan (bass), Minn (drums) and their new singer from Indonesia, Denden Gonjalez finally joined for the first time in the Search Rocking On Rooftop Concert.

The concert is scheduled to take place on the roof of the Campbell Complex, Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur on June 11 at 9 pm.

Although the rooftop location is no stranger to some previous local artist concerts, but what Search will highlight has its own special features.

The Campbell Complex itself, for example, in the 1980s and the explosive era of rock music was between the ‘ port rockers ‘ in addition to the First Complex and the adjacent Territory Complex.

To be sure, the combination of rock & roll music Search, rock fans and its location will evoke the nostalgia of the glory of rock music there.

Noordin, who inspired the concert, said it would also feature variations, especially in terms of sound, lighting, stage design and song selection.

“We’re going to bring in 14 to 17 songs. What’s interesting is that it’s a song that Search rarely and has never played in concerts before.

“Search has a lot of songs and fans also ask to play various songs. The songs that used to be played in concerts before, the fans have memorized.

“So, this time we want to make a difference. We also want to play songs that have the potential to attract foreign markets, especially Indonesia,” he said.

Noordin said, among them are songs from Search’s sixth album, Rampage, which was released in 1992.

“The album also features Yan as the bass player. The musical direction of the album is also different from other Search albums. After all, many fans like the album,” he said.

Not only the selection of songs, the design of the concert stage is also different.

Noordin said the stage was uncovered and there was no ‘backdrop’, instead the audience was served with a panoramic view of the skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur.

“That’s the ‘ backdrop ‘ of our stage. It definitely has an interesting impact, especially in terms of photography and visuals,” he said.

In addition, the presence of Denden, Yan and Minn will also provide a fresher musical direction and ‘ sound ‘ than Search.

This includes sound engineers, a well -established production and technical team to ensure that Search comes up with quality ‘ sound ‘.

Meanwhile, this concert will also feature the Queen of Rock, Ella as the invited singer. Ella will also have a duet with Denden.

Concert tickets are priced at RM88, RM198 and RM298. However, tickets priced at RM88 are sold out.

Tickets can be purchased at Search Rock Station, Campbell Complex while for online purchase, visit

source – Gempak

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