Rizman Ruzaini launches RR CRUISE; Celebrities style stylish and versatile holiday collections

Rizman Ruzaini launches RR CRUISE; Celebrities style stylish and versatile holiday collections

BECOMING one of the most popular local fashion brands today, the Rizman Ruzaini brand under the management of two famous national designers, Rizman Nordin and Ruzaini Jamil has once again appeared with their latest collection.

It is the second year that RR Cruise fulfills the collection calendar of this fashion brand, for this time RR Creative Director, Yana Baharudin is the main backbone in the ideation of this collection.

Emphasizing bold and striking colors, it turns out that this year’s RR Cruise collection will create its own phenomenon.

ANTARA designed in conjunction with RR Cruise

Sharing about the idea behind this design, Rizman said that, just like other RR collections, RR Cruise is also an indicator in determining the courage of today’s society to come out with a bolder style.

“RR Cruise is a must-have collection that we will continue to launch in conjunction with the holiday season. In my observation, it has become a habit when we go out on vacation, especially to an island or beach location, that we want clothes and fashion accessories that are attractive as well as comfortable. The RR Cruise collection is the answer to all that.

“We want fans of the RR brand to appear different in the audience, therefore with the use of bolder colors and fresh designs, RR Cruise deserves to be your choice sheet when on vacation.

“If you look at it today, we also invited many celebrities who not only attended as guests, but also styled the RR Cruise collection.

“This can indirectly give ideas and courage to fans of the RR brand themselves to try this collection that looks bolder and stand out,” he said.

Just like other RR collections, Ruzaini adds that it is their main focus in providing attractive and affordable designs. No exception, RR Cruise is also a collection that will get the same attention as other collections before.

“As we know, RR is a fashion brand that we try to present as a complete collection. Meaning that under RR there are not only clothes but also other fashion accessories including scarves, handbags and many more.

“This can convince those out there to continue to choose RR as a superior brand with quality and designs that are always relevant. It is this element that is the core of RR, in addition to offering a price that for me is reasonable with what we offer as an exclusive local fashion brand,” he added.

NABILA Razali, Redza Rosli and Ali Reza are among the artists who styled RR Cruise.

Still maintaining online sales as the main medium for purchasing RR products, however, Rizman explained that with the opening of the RR Flagship Store Boutique at Four Seasons Place, Kuala Lumpur will also boost sales of RR products for direct purchase.

“All RR products including the RR Cruise collection will be sold through rizmanruzaini.my. It’s easier for those who like to shop online. Before this, especially during the pandemic, this medium became the main pulse of RR’s business.

“However, we always listen and will make reforms in business matters to provide comfort to customers.

” Therefore, RR Flagship Store is the answer to those who are more inclined to physical boutiques. Most importantly at RR, we will always provide the best service whether online or in the boutique,” he said.

RIZMAN Ruzaini with popular actress Ruhainies who also styled clothes from RR Cruise.

Appreciating the trust given by fans of this brand, Rizman also explained that the factor that puts RR as the main choice of customers is their commitment in producing RR collections consistently.

“I know there are people waiting for RR’s latest collection, so it is our responsibility to always produce the latest designs that suit the tastes of the people in this country.

In fact, if we look at RR has never failed to produce designs for the Hari Raya collection since the last eight years.

“This is proof that RR itself is quite committed to the fans of the RR brand. In fact, under RR there is also a collection of scarves and other accessories that will always get a new touch to ensure the best appearance for every RR customer,” he explained.

source – wilayahku


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