‘Mimpi’ to becoming a millionaire has melted, the actor’s brother claims RM3.7 million in profit has not been paid

‘Mimpi’ to becoming a millionaire has melted, the actor’s brother claims RM3.7 million in profit has not been paid

AYER KEROH: After 10 years of being active in the foreign currency investment business, the dream of a man who is also the brother of Pulau movie actor Ikmal Amry to become a millionaire melted away when he claimed that the RM3.7 million profit he should have received was manipulated.

The victim, Mohd Zulhakim Amry Ghazali, 37, said it was even more painful when his efforts to get an explanation from the company’s agent involved since a year ago hit a dead end.

He said, the transaction started when he started investing almost US$10,000 (RM45,000) in May 2021 before finding that the trading transaction successfully reached a profit of US$800,000.

However, he was surprised when his efforts to make the profit withdrawal were not successful.

“Given my 10 years of experience involved in the world of investment, I had expected to get the biggest profit amounting to almost RM3.7 million.

“However, when I tried to ‘ withdraw ‘, I found that the profit money was gone and even more surprisingly, the record of the transaction had also disappeared and may have been released earlier by the company,” he said in a press conference, here.

Commenting further, Mohd Zulhakim said that he had been actively investing with the company based in Johor since 2018 and before that he had not experienced any problems.

In fact, he has also received profit payments of around US$100 (RM430) to US$10,000 (RM43,000) and made profit spending more than 10 times.

“The company did not have a problem managing the payment of profits before, however, when it was manipulated this time I finally had to take legal action and make a police report in Kluang, Johor after getting advice from a friend and a lawyer.

“The company is still active until now and I just don’t want another individual to suffer the same fate as me,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kluang District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Bahrin Mohd Noh when contacted confirmed receiving the case report and said further investigations are underway.


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