Radio presenter Fizi Ali revealed that he was almost sent to a mental hospital because …

Radio presenter Fizi Ali revealed that he was almost sent to a mental hospital because …

Suria FM radio presenter, Fizi Ali revealed, that he was almost taken to a mental hospital by his mother due to his unstable mental state after the separation.

FIzi said he had experienced a phase where he often talked to himself and often cried while driving home as a result of not being able to accept the fact that his marriage to Shakila Koriri cracked in the middle of the road.

“How long do we want to wait to move on ? A year, two, three years do not move on … People do not know what we feel. People look at us ok on the radio, happy happy but in their hearts they always think about Ameena.

“Until when do I want to be sad? Every night I cry. So much so that, at the beginning of the divorce, my mother came to take me to a mental hospital.

“Because at that time, I talked a lot alone while driving the car… and then got home crying again. So, won’t people want to see us like that forever? ” he said to Gempak.

Earlier, Fizi through Gempak said that he was getting to know a woman’s kind heart. However, it is still in the friendship phase.

That leads many people to think that Fizi is too quick to go through the process of move on and easily move on with life after divorce.

Meanwhile, sharing about the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration, Fizi said that he had to celebrate Hari Raya without the presence of his daughter, Ameena Sofia who is under the care of his ex -wife.

“This year, Ameena celebrated with her mother first. She is still young and needs her mother. I understand. So I gave Ameena a chance to celebrate with her mother.

“If you follow me, I did not prepare any preparations for the Eid celebration. So much so that, during Ramadan, I forgot to go back to the village, and did not buy any clothes.

“Of course I look like there is no problem, I’m okay… But I’m sick close inside. But, life must continue, “he added.

For the record, Fizi got married to Shakilla, 32, on February 18, 2018 and the couple was blessed with the light of the eyes of Ameena Sofia who is now three years old.

In December last year, Fizi informed him and Shakilla had decided to separate after three years of establishing a household.

source – Gempak

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