MACP Awards: Ezra Kong crowned the highest earning composer of 2021

MACP Awards: Ezra Kong crowned the highest earning composer of 2021

COMPOSER Ezra Kong made a breakthrough when he won the Composer With the Highest Earnings award at the Music Copyright Protection Body Award (MACP) 2021 which took place at the Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

Meanwhile, singer Naim Daniel was appointed as the recipient of the Potential Young Composer trophy.
A special award, the Nadi Cipta Award, was given to composer Datuk Seri Ahmad Nawab.

MACP chairman, Datuk M Nasir hopes that more musicians take the opportunity to generate royalties through quality work.

“I really hope that more and more artists will seize this golden opportunity to produce more works using existing digital platforms so that they can earn more royalties.

“I also hope that with the organization of this kind of award, it will be an injection of enthusiasm to the music works out there,” he said.

In the meantime, the ceremony was also graced with performances from national singers such as Ernie Zakri, Syamel, Naqiu and many others.

Here is the complete list of winners for the other categories:

1. The most played Malay song – Hutang (Composer & Lyricist: Zai Hamzah)
2. The most played Chinese song – A La Si Jia Hai Wan (Composer: Firdhaus, Lyricist: Firdhaus & Li Kang Ning)
3. Most played Tamil song – Ennai Kollathey (Composer: Ztish, Lyricist: Yumanji)
4. English song with the most hits – Crush (Composer & Lyricist : Yuna, Raymond Usher, Robinson Maelon, Warfield, Brian Keith)
5. Most popular foreign songs – Faded (Composer & Lyricist : Jesper Borgen, Anders Froeen, Gunnar Greve, Alan Walker)
6. The song with the highest foreign income – Shameless (Composer & Lyricist : Hezron Rayner)
7. Local producer with the highest income – MVM Production Sdn. Bhd
8. Publisher with the highest income – Universal Music Publishing Sdn Bhd

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