“I’ll be caught later” – Netizen were sad for Sajat can’t go back to visit his sick father!

“I’ll be caught later” – Netizen were sad for Sajat can’t go back to visit his sick father!

SEVERAL days ago, the health of the father of a controversial entrepreneur, Muhammad Sajjad Kamaruzzaman, 37, or better known as Nur Sajat was in critical condition.

The matter was informed personally by Nur Sajat’s sister, Mustika through sharing on her Instagram Story.

In fact, it was confirmed by Sajat himself in a post on his Instagram that his father’s health was not so good since last week.

Following that, many asked whether Sajat would return to Malaysia to visit his father or not.

Recently, Sajat appeared to clarify all the issues.

According to him, he decided not to return to Malaysia due to several factors.

Clearly, he is currently only taking the approach of monitoring his father’s health from time to time.

“I’m not coming back, just look from here. If I come back, I can’t even see.

“Why? Because I’m close to ‘inside’ later, that’s why I won’t come back, “he said.

Following the statement, many sympathized with the plight of the entrepreneur.

In fact, most netizens begged Sajat to find the best way to resolve his problem with the Malaysian authorities.

Earlier, Sajad sparked controversy when he was hunted by the authorities after an arrest warrant was issued against him.

All because of his action of failing to attend the re-mention of the charge of wearing a woman in the Shah Alam Syariah High Court, Selangor.

After that, Sajat was allegedly hiding in Thailand after disappearing following the arrest warrant.

source – Gempak


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