Find your next vacation getaway in Koh Samui in Thailand

Find your next vacation getaway in Koh Samui in Thailand

You don’t need to travel far to holiday with the island Koh Samui just across the border

IN a blink of eye, we have come to the last month of the year and many are already planning their year-end holidays. For those who fancy a beach holiday not too far across the border and are still deciding on a destination, we may have a rather reasonable suggestion in the form of Koh Samui!

Koh Samui, an island off the east coast of Thailand has long been deemed as one of the best holiday haunts in Southeast Asia. It is Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket and relatively close to our shores.

Though there are no direct flights from Malaysia to this little paradise, it is connected via many other flights from Bangkok.

The open ocean looks beautiful from Koh Samui. – Pic by Shah Shamshiri

Known for its beautiful beaches, trendy cafes and vibrant nightlife, Koh Samui is actually the perfect vacation spot for friends and families.

Upon arriving in Koh Samui, be sure to make Chaweng Beach your first destination. Reminiscent of Patong Beach in Phuket, the beach has the longest strip of sand available on the island, spanning about 7km.

Adorned with a myriad of cafes, bars and restaurants, the beach seems to never sleep as it fulfils the curiosity of tourists from broad daylight right down to late at night.

Many opt to have romantic or family dinners by the beach as several restaurants offer unique set-ups for their guests, who choose to enjoy a meal accompanied by the soothing sounds of the ocean. Our pick would be the Moonrise Beach Bar which offers a calm and relaxing ambience.

A night at the Moonrise Beach Bar. – Pic by Shah Shamshiri

Tables are set by the ocean with beautiful stilts and soft sheers, making it the perfect place to while the night away.

Similarly, lunch can also be enjoyed by the beach but we would suggest the exotic Tropicana Beach Club & Bistro located on the other side of the island along Bophut beach.

Tropicana Beach Club & Bistro has a feast for our stomachs and our eyes. – Pics by Shah Shamshiri

Offering a nice mix of local and international delights, the restaurant presents a magical mix of local and international delights coupled with a stunning view of fishing boats along the natural white powders against the ultra-marine beyond.

Right across the restaurant is also a perfect place for those who would like to lodge in the Bophut vicinity. Exotically named, Prana Resort Nandana is a lovely hotel that is reasonably priced and strategically located. Promoting several sustainability efforts, it is popular among tourists who wish for healthier menus and believe in saving resources during their stays.

The Prana Resort Nandana is built with sustainability in mind. – Pic by Shah Shamshiri

A stay in Thailand would also be incomplete without a nice relaxing session at a spa so be sure to check out Amezcua Spa, a unique rooftop spa offering traditional Thai massage with a breathtaking view of Bophut beach.

The rock formations of Hin Ta Hin Yai are a popular place for picture taking. – Pic by Shah Shamshiri

Then splash some water at the majestic Nuameng waterfall, before checking out the Muslim fish market nearby the Muslim village. Here, all sorts of natural produce can be found alongside fresh fish and seafood.

The Nuameng waterfall is a go to destination for tourists. – Pic by Shah Shamshiri

The Muslim fish market offers all kinds of fresh produce. – Pic by Shah Shamshiri

For some commercial shopping, be sure to check out Koh Samui’s Central mall which has a variety of modern boutiques featuring some of the best local and international fashion brands.

It is also a great spot to get some grub as the mall has several food outlets to choose from.

Finally, the highlight of Koh Samui would be the Fisherman’s Village area. It is a beautiful walking street that seems to go on forever featuring endless shops, hipster cafes, night clubs and so much more.

It is also a great place to enjoy meals by the ocean as there are several restaurants located along the beach.

The Fisherman’s Village offers just about everything a tourist would want. – Pics by Shah Shamshiri

The area is also well-known for its night market selling almost everything you can think of.

This includes souvenirs, delicious street food, electronic gadgets, clothing and countless other knick knacks. With bright neon lights and incessant music along the alleys, this is definitely not your average Fisherman’s Village.

As you can see, Koh Samui has so much to offer and you don’t have to venture too far to get there. So, if you want a relaxing and fun holiday destination, we believe Koh Samui may be right up your alley!

source – The Vibes

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