eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur officially opens on Saturday, December 17

eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur officially opens on Saturday, December 17

The Taiwanese bookstore chain will open the doors to its Bukit Bintang location, the first in Malaysia, this weekend

SET to open its outlet in The Starhill mall in Bukit Bintang on Saturday (December 17), eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur will celebrate its grand opening with over 30 free-for-all art and cultural events scheduled throughout the month.

Aspiring to be a platform for cultural exchange, eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur boasts a wide selection of books in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, and Japanese; as well as creative designs, lifestyle trends, performing arts and exhibitions, themed restaurants, cafés, and handicrafts, offering a full spectrum of experiences that include books and much more.

eslite spectrum is a Taiwanese cultural and creative landmark, with the Bukit Bintang location being the first in Southeast Asia. – Pic courtesy of eslite spectrum

On December 1, eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur unveiled 3D-renderings of its retail space themed around four cities inspired by the Italian novel ‘Invisible Cities’.

The bookstore, housed within ‘The City of Arches’ features a 60m statement wall of red brick arches, and offers a wide range of books in different languages, exciting arts, and literary activities, as well as an impressive selection of literary and humanities books.

In addition to books, eslite spectrum will offer performing arts and exhibitions, themed restaurants, cafés and handicrafts, offering a range of experiences all under one roof. – Pic courtesy of eslite spectrum

eslite’s list of Recommended Reads is curated monthly by dedicated bookstore staff to share the brand’s unique reading perspective. There are also cosy and comfortable corners to make readers feel at home.

The colourful drapes of ‘The Floating City’ symbolise vibrant and dynamic street fairs with a choice of local delicacies and lifestyle ideas. ‘The City of Rippling Waves”, inspired by shimmering sunlight dancing on waves, brings together cultural creative designs and everyday lifestyle products; while ‘The City of Eternal Day’ is a brightly lit yet minimalist corridor showcasing fashionable trends.

Inspired by the Italian novel ‘Invisible Cities’, the retail space features four themed cities, including a 60m red brick wall of arches that stretches the length of the bookstore. – Pic courtesy of eslite spectrum

The grand opening of eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur will also feature the inaugural exhibition of famed Asian illustrator, Jimmy Liao. Known for his heart-warming storytelling and sketches, the award-winning illustrator’s works have been translated into English, French, Korean and Thai, among others.

eslite will also host monthly themed exhibitions and activities such as storytelling to bring reading fun to the whole family. – Pic courtesy of eslite spectrum

Along with its dedicated lists of Recommended Reads and Best Sellers, eslite bookstore also houses the eslite Children, a dedicated space for children’s literature and bestsellers. The space will also host monthly thematic exhibition and storytelling activities for the entire family to enjoy great reading fun together.

From now until December 14, members of the public who download the ‘eslite MY’ app, and register to become an eslite member may take part in a mini-game within the app to stand a chance to win a pass to the Members only preview of eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur on December 16.

source – The Vibes

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