DrumCraft is back!

DrumCraft is back!

Drumcraft is now back on the market via online giants Thomann and exclusively available through the Thomann store.

Drumcraft.com is live where they will be offering three series of drumkits Series 3, Series 4 and the flagship Series 6. They will also offer two series of hardware, series 6 and series 4.

Series 3


Opening the door to the world of DrumCraft, the Series 3 offers the beginner to intermediate player a ready-to-play five-piece kit steeped with awesome DrumCraft features. The 7-ply poplar shell and 45-degree bearing edge offer a precise and full tone and the classic DrumCraft lugs and hardware give reliability and sturdiness to the kit.

Series 3 Specs

Wood: Poplar
Configuration: 7 ply = 2/2/3
Shell Thickness: 6.8 mm
Bearing edge: 45 degree
Finishes: Black Wrap, Natural Wrap
Hardware: Hardware pack included
Series 4


The Series 4 is the perfect choice for the intermediate drummer. Whether you’re in the studio, on the stage or shooting for your Instagram, the Series 4 offers high performance and a stunning tone. The lacquer finishes with black hardware offer a sophisticated and striking look in a mixture of colours and moods.

Series 4 Specs

Wood: Mahogany Poplar Hybrid.
Configuration: 7 ply = 2M/3P/2M
Shell Thickness: 5.6MM
Bearing edge: 45 degree
Finishes: Sherwood Green Fade, Platinum Sparkle Burst, Cardiac Burst, Cream Mocca Burst, Bright Arabica Fade.
Series 6


The Series 6 offers precision craftsmanship for ambitious drummers. The striking look of these kits is matched with an intensely rich tone and the drum shell’s incredible attack. The Drumcraft name is synonymous with precision-engineered and meticulously crafted drums and the series 6 embodies these traits fully.

Series 6 Specs

Wood: Walnut Maple Hybrid
Configuration: 8 ply = 2W/2M/2M/2W
Shell Thickness: 6.4MM
Bearing edge: 45 degree
Finishes: Satin Black, Satin Natural, Scottish white burst, Black to purple fade.
About Drumcraft

The sensation of discovering something new and extraordinary is only ever surpassed by the feeling of owning it. DrumCraft is back! We don’t simply make high-quality drums, we also offer style that’s deeply rooted in German engineering and design.

We have the drive, determination and passion to give you an instrument you love to play. DrumCraft drums have been created to stand out with their unique looks without compromising on functionality. They’re built to inspire you every time you perform with them! Whether you’re having fun in your rehearsal room or playing to 10,000 people with your band.

You are the heartbeat of your music, you are the pulse. You deserve an instrument with soul – nothing less.


source – Music Instrument News


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