‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ features new music from The Weeknd

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ features new music from The Weeknd

The four-time Grammy award-winning singer will be providing new songs for the Avatar sequel

MARKETING for the much anticiapted sequel to James Cameron’s science fiction opus Avatar is fully underway, and the latest tease comes from none other than four-time Grammy winner, The Weeknd. The singer shared a short clip with the Avatar: The Way of Water logo hinting at new music tied to the film’s soundtrack.

In the background of the clip, a choir can be heard supported by drumbeats, reminiscent of James Horner’s score for the previous film.

In response, the film’s official account shared the post and uploaded a clip of the account following the Weeknd on Twitter.

Jon Landau, the film’s producer, followed suit, posting an image of the two together accompanied with the caption: “As the Na’vi [the fictional language of the film] say, ‘Zola’u nìprrte’ soaiane Avatar’… Welcome to the Avatar family.”

It remains unclear what the extent of the Weeknd’s involvement will be in the film or the soundtrack. If history is to be any guide, The Weeknd will most likely be providing music and vocal support during the closing credits of the film. In Avatar, Leona Lewis gave a stirring performance of original music titled ‘I See You.’

Expectations are high for ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, which is expected to open to at least US$150 million in the US when it debuts in theaters on December 16. Early tracking indicates that the opening weekend figure could ascend further, reaching US$175 million or more.

‘The Way of Water’ has been in the works for almost a decade, with Cameron blowing past several deadlines and release dates with his drive to push technology and cinematic imagery to its limits. The first ‘Avatar’ currently stands as the highest-grossing film in history at the global box office (US$2.74 billion in ticket sales), unadjusted for inflation – though Avengers: Endgame came close to taking the throne.

Behind the scenes, reports have claimed that the production budget alone for the film has reached US$250 million. According to Cameron’s estimates, in order to break even, “you have to be the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history. That’s your threshold. That’s your break even.”

source – The Vibes


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