‘We’re not nerds’ – Teens campaign for more glasses emoji

‘We’re not nerds’ – Teens campaign for more glasses emoji

A teenager who previously wrote to Disney asking for the main character to wear glasses is now campaigning for almost the same thing for emojis.

Hasrat Lowri Moore, 13, from Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, came true last year through the role of Mirabel Madrigal in the animated film Encanto.

In conjunction with World Sight Day, she is campaigning for more emojis with glasses to be created, and not just emojis that mean nerd .

The teenager has written a letter to an organization responsible for the publication of emojis stating the need to put glasses on all faces and emoji expressions.

The only emojis with glasses on platforms like Apple and WhatsApp are the nerd emoji and the teacher emoji.

Lowri says the nerd emoji is a negative stereotype for those who wear glasses, and is considered unfair.

In a letter to the Unicode Consortium, the body responsible for the publication of all new emojis, Lowri asked that the ‘fraud’ not continue as it would undermine the self-confidence of future generations.

“Unfortunately, the only emoji wearing glasses is a nerd face . As I’m sure you know, people who wear glasses are not ‘nerds’.

“But unless we address this, there is a possibility that the next generation will grow up believing they are nerds ,” she said.

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