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NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VNUE, Inc. (OTC: VNUE) reported today that its main rollout of its Soundstr Music Recognition Technology platform, which kicked off recently in the beautiful and entertainment-packed island of Key West, is going exceptionally well.

As of today’s date, at least 20 establishments in Key West, some of them well-known to tourists and locals alike, are adopting the technology, with numerous others in the pipeline. Some establishments even boast multiple “zones,” or areas in which multiple Soundstr Pulse devices will be installed.

CEO Zach Bair said, “We are thrilled about the rate in which our Soundstr technology is being accepted and implemented into the Key West community. The minute we tell folks that we are helping to fix a long-broken system, and to get artists and songwriters paid, the answer has been overwhelmingly ‘YES!’ It is an added bonus when we explain that the data collected, and that we will share with the businesses, should eventually help reduce licensing costs to the businesses too.”

Bair went on to say that the deployment has taken shape more of a “movement,” and the venues who are adopting the technology are the “good guys” who want to see artists and businesses alike be treated fairly.

Soundstr identifies music played at physical establishments, such as bars, restaurants, and other businesses, as well as streaming and terrestrial radio stations, and will help ensure that the correct stakeholders such as songwriters and publishers are compensated for public performances of their works.

The Soundstr Music Data Market, Soundstr MDM, delivers rich analytics for music usage reporting across a wide array of clients, including venue owners, radio station management, music performers, music labels and publishers, and rights administration clients. Sampling, streaming, and live detection capabilities are now developed producing client and usage-specific reports representing analytics across multiple music report types.

In the US alone, the largest PROs (Performing Rights Organizations) collect hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties from “general licensing,” which represents only a fraction of the potential revenue from properly licensed businesses – revenue that could be in the pockets of songwriters and artists. Prior studies indicated that as many as 81% of songwriters are not properly paid.

In addition to the large concentration being deployed in Key West, the technology is already deployed at locations in the following states: Indiana, New York, Tennessee, Mississippi, California, and other areas of Florida, and more.

VNUE’s goal is to have the most complete set of data for any music that is performed in the public space around the globe, and eventually to offer a direct licensing solution based on a “pay-per-play” model that the company has developed.

About VNUE, Inc. (
VNUE, Inc., (OTC: VNUE) is a cutting-edge music technology company dedicated to further monetizing the live music experience for artists, writers, labels, publishers, fans, venues, and all stakeholders by creating new and exciting live music experiences, and by working to ensure the correct rights holders are being fairly compensated. The company is the exclusive licensee of DiscLive Network (, the pioneer in “instant live” recording, and the owner and operator of (, our innovative “instant” music delivery app platform. VNUE is also rolling out disruptive technology called Soundstr (, a cloud-based platform utilizing AI and other means which identifies music played in bars, restaurants, radio stations, and other businesses, and will ensure these businesses pay only their fair share for music licensing, while at the same time, ensuring songwriters and artists are paid for their work – creating a fully transparent performing rights ecosystem. VNUE also recently completed its acquisition of StageIt (, the oldest and most well-known ticketed livestreaming platform. The VNUE team is led by CEO and Chairman Zach Bair, a veteran music and tech entrepreneur and recording artist (


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