Ukrainian actor Pasha Lee was killed during a war with Russia

Ukrainian actor Pasha Lee was killed during a war with Russia

A famous Ukrainian actor, Pasha Lee was reportedly killed in a brutal attack by the Russians while defending his homeland, yesterday.

Lee, 33, was reported by DailyMail killed in Irpin, Ukraine in the attack that lasted for 12 days.

The actor, who is well known as a voice lender in the animated film Lion King, was even killed along with the mayor, Yuriy Prilipko, 61, who was shot dead while helping to provide food and medicine.

Lee is known to enlist in the Territorial Defense Force of the Ukrainian Army since the first day Russia shelled his beloved country.

“From the first day, Lee went to war for Ukraine and now he died in Irpin, where fierce fighting was taking place. We are saddened by this sad news, “wrote a statement issued to the public.

Ironically, five days before his death, Lee proudly displayed himself smartly wearing a military uniform and called on the entire congregation to unite against the violence that was plaguing his country.

Two days ago, he also announced that he is now in the middle of a war.

“For the past 48 hours, this is an opportunity for us to sit and take pictures. We are still being bombed, but we are still smiling because we are able to handle it, ”wrote Lee.

Lee, who was born in Crimea, is also famous for his Hobbit animation (voice actor) besides being a host.

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